“We will defeat this enemy” -President Francois Hollande

France, Paris Attack

France, Paris Attack

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Nov. 13 attacks, which targeted cafes, restaurants, a sports stadium and a rock concert. Where 130 mostly young people killed while they were enjoying themselves in Paris two weeks ago by Isis gunmen and suicide bombers in the most deadly attacks the nation has seen since World War Two. More than 350 people were wounded and nearly 100 of them remain in hospital.

Under a wintry sky, the names and ages of all the 130 victims were read out. 35 years majority of them and they came from all over France and from 17 other countries.

In a poignant but defiant speech, President Francois Hollande vowed to destroy Islamic State and urged his compatriots to help combat the group simply by continuing to go to bars, restaurants and cultural and sporting events and to enjoy the simple pleasures he said the militants hated.

Hollande said “I solemnly promise you all that France will do everything to defeat the army of fanatics who have committed these crimes, that she will act tirelessly to protect her children,” he said.
“The terrorists want to divide us, to oppose us, to pit us against one another. They will fail. They have the cult of death, we have the love of life.”

France and Russia are now bombarding the Isis territory in Syria.

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