2016/17 UEFA Champions League Match Calendar


2016/17 UEFA Champions League match calendar according to efachampionsleague
28–29/06/16: First qualifying round, first leg
05–06/07/16: First qualifying round, second leg
12–13/07/16: Second qualifying round, first leg
19–20/07/16: Second qualifying round, second leg
26–27/07/16: Third qualifying round, first leg
02–03/08/16: Third qualifying round, second leg
16–17/08/16: Play-off round, first leg
23–24/08/16: Play-off round, second leg
13–14/09/16: Group stage, matchday one
27–28/09/16: Group stage, matchday two
18–19/10/16: Group stage, matchday three
01–02/11/16: Group stage, matchday four
22–23/11/16: Group stage, matchday five
06–07/12/16: Group stage, matchday six
14–15/02/17 and 21–22/02/17: Round of 16, first leg
07–08/03/17 and 14–15/03/17: Round of 16, second leg
11–12/04/17: Quarter-finals, first leg
18–19/04/17: Quarter-finals, second leg
02–03/05/17: Semi-finals, first leg
09–10/05/17: Semi-finals, second leg
03/06/17: Final (National Stadium of Wales, Cardiff)


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