Late Night Fire Razes Balogun Market in Lagos

A late night fire has gutted the multi story Euro-Asia plaza in Lagos Central Business District, in Lagos.

The plaza, which houses several banks including the United Bank of Africa, UBA is located on Breadfruit Street in Marina.

The cause of the fire could not be immediately ascertained but early visitors to the scene of the incident recount traders hurling their goods from adjoining buildings, while fire fighters were seen trying to put out the fire and to rescue trapped traders.

A shop owner in the area provided a probable cause of the fire. He says “ One of the shop sparked. So our boys tried to enter that place, but because of that transformer they couldn’t enter”

Access Road

Efforts of the firemen were hindered by inability to reach the scene quickly. Sympathizers at who spoke to NTA decried lack of access road in the area. His words, “The major problem we have in this area is lack of access road”
There is so far no report of casualties.

Ibrahim Addra

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