NTA Unveils New Studio As #NigeriaDecides Situation Room


NTA’s Ultra Modern Studio













The Nigeria Decides NTA situation Room came alive at the new Ultra Modern Studio as the general elections across the country got underway. The Nigerian Television Authority ultra modern studio is a High definition equipped studio that can compete with any international television studio anywhere in the world. The driving force behind this turn around in the NTA is the  Director general Shola Omole, who witnessed one of  the transmissions and couldn’t hold back his feelings, “We should be able to report real time from anywhere in the world, that’s what is making me happy today, that we can traverse the country, from state to state, local areas to different local areas and bring on the spot situation report to Nigerians, that is the remit of NTA, that is what we should be doing. I am happy we are doing that” he said

studio  transmissions

#NigeriaDecides Situation Room 













Shola Omole who said a lot more needs to be done,  to properly situate the NTA spoke on the next phase of revolution
in  the organization; his words, “We’ve got to find ways to train our people, news reporters, programMe producers, engineers, so that they get conversant with 21st century television in every respect.Then staff morale, our people have got to be happy to be able to deliver.

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Everybody is excited with this new studio that we have I expect that enthusiasm to translate to greater production”.


Reporter: Anthony Forson

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