#CCTvsSaraki: CCT Warns Against Publicising Its Proceeding Clips On Social Media


The Code of Conduct of Tribunal has warned mischievous persons against posting video clips of the proceedings on social media with the aim of misinforming the public.

The Chairman of the tribunal, Justice Danladi Umar, gave the warning at the resumed proceedings on Wednesday.
Umar said that the tribunal would not hesitate to apply the full weight of the law against the culprits.

According to him, the perpetrators are doing it bias mind with the sole purpose of misleading the public about the actual happening in the tribunal.

He said the CCT would confer with both the prosecution and defence counsel on possibility of inviting NTA, AIT, and Channels for a live telecast to avoid misrepresentation.

Amidst high presence of armed security personnel within and outisde the CCT, Justice Umar also directed that all security personnel carrying arms should vacate the courtroom.

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