RAMADAN: Real Opportunity for Muslims to Display What Islam Stands For- Bashir Yankuzu


Malam Bashir Yankuzu, Chief Imam of Federal University of Technology ( FUT)  Minna  has called on Muslims to  strive hard and follow the path of Allah in order to reap the benefits of the Ramadan fasting.

The Imam described the Ramadan period as a unique opportunity for Muslims to display the real Islam, which promotes patience, kindness, care for the  needy and sincere submission to Allah.

Yankuzu told the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) in Minna on Saturday that during the Ramadan rewards for all acts of worship were doubled.

He added that this encouraged Muslims to display the real Islam in their deeds and actions, which largely reflected accommodation, tolerance, sacrifice, kindness and compassion to all irrespective of religious affiliation.

” The messenger of Allah forbade a Muslim fasting from returning abuse but should rather reply saying ‘I am fasting’ to whoever angers him”, the messenger forbade Muslims from slandering or backbiting,” he said.

Yankuzo stressed that Allah will not reward  those who only shun eating and drinking but yet slander others.

” It is a month that Muslims must learn to share with others and avoid wastage. There is no looser than someone who missed the opportunities in Ramadan.”

The Imam stressed that the  breath of the observer of fast is sweeter to Allah, on the Day of Judgment, than the fragrance of musk.

”  Angels seek forgiveness to the observers of fast till they break their fast and the devils are chained up, while the  gates of paradise are opened and the gates of the hell are closed during the month of Ramadan.

” In it, there is Lailatul- Qadr, which is a night better than one thousand month of worship; the one who is deprived from its good is surely deprived.

“The sins of the observers of fast are forgiven in the last night of Ramadan.

” Allah frees some people from hell fire in each night of Ramadan,” he added.

The Imam, therefore, advised Muslims to take advantage of the uniqueness of the Ramadan to get closer to Allah and promote goodness among humanity. (NAN)

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  1. yep, it’s a time for muslims to show just how insane they are by thinking they are fasting by starving themselves until night and then gorging themselves once the sun’s down. Way to show us the desperate schizophrenic example of islam

    • AdzThe Finest May 31, 2017, 2:13 pm

      The reason for fasting is to get closer to god you fuckface and to clear the mind. It’s something you need after me explicitly telling you to show me the nation of the native Americans on google maps but instead you showed me an illustration, fucking retard.

      • Hey, shit for brains stalker psycho, i’m well aware that the sheep think they’re performing a ritual that gets them closer to god, but it’s the starvation that’s making them delusional. Fasting usually ISN’T about ‘getting closer to god’, it’s about personal SACRIFICE, and usually involves giving up a bad habit (lent), but Mohammed in his totalitarian insanity (and because he and his tribe actually HAD nothing to eat and had to ration on their trek during what is now called Ramadan) decided to outdo everyone by forbidding everything for most of the day, but then gives in and splurges after dark.
        So again shit for brains, tell me how that gets someone closer to a dead guy’s imaginary projection?

        • AdzThe Finest June 6, 2017, 1:53 pm

          Hey. Jewish god on a kebab stick worshiper, I’m well aware that the kebab stick worshipers think they are on top by not following a ritual their own kike god practiced, but it seems the penis cocks of the priests have gotten you delusional. Fasting in Islam is NOT meant to get you closer to god you dead kike skewed on a kebab stick worshiper, fasting is a time for us to reflect and ponder on the Quran something you kebab stick worshipers scarcely do and when some of you actually do it they end up leaving the shitty faith of shitianity. Jesus pbuh your dead kike god fasted which according to your shitian brain meant he was undergoing “totalitarian insanity” something not alien especially when you read one of his masterpieces (O.T) Moreover, jewish god skewed on a kebab stick worshiper, if Allah is Muhammads pbuh “projection” then fuck me but his projection is an awful lot better than your joke. I mean heck if your god was proven to be real I dont mind going hell instead, not only was he maniac he did a “piss poor” job at even leaving a fucking reliable book instead he left a load of jargon and gibberish that is currently getting torn to pieces theologically by his very own creatures. – His own creatures have realized his stupidity – Go figure!


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