Over the years, NTA transmission has been restricted to one network channel on which every program type is transmitted. International Telecommunication Union, ITU mandatory cut – over to digital transmission by 2015; this has given NTA the opportunity to create different channels for different genres of programs on its bouquet.

Presently, the NTA Multichannel is made up of eight (8) different channels consisting of:-

– NTA News 24 Channel 101
– NTA Entertainment Channel 105
– NTA Knowledge Channel 525
– NTA Sports 24 Channel 628
– NTA Parliament Channel 325
– NTA Hausa Channel 106
– NTA Igbo Channel 108
– NTA Yoruba Channel 107

All programs on the Multichannel are transmitted through the Wondercube; an automated transmission system whereby programmes on tapes are ingested into the computer from where they are play listed for transmission.

To work with the Multichannel, staff must have knowledge of Information and Communication Technology, ICT better still be computer literate.

In the Multichannel, Staff are challenged to multi-task; camera work, editing and producing. Usually, staff of the Multichannel are trained to be the elite of NTA by being self reliant.

At the Multichannel, we train our staff to be the elite team for NTA in production, this we do by making them total production staff from camera work to scripting, presentation, editing, post-production and transmission. It is mandatory for staff of Multichannel to be able to edit within 6 months of joining the unit.

They will also be trained in the ingesting and play – listing of programs at the Wondercube. We do not only train our team to be highly proficient in production but to also work as a team. So, gossip, intrigue and other anti-social behavior is not encouraged. The staff strength of each channel is slim but very efficient.


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