(The Presenter Liz Agbai)
Healthline is a Television Clinic on the largest television in Africa, The NTA (Nigeria Television Authority). As the name depicts, it attends to all patients with diverse ill health without prescribing on air. Recommendation and referrals are usually given by the attending doctor (who must be a consultant), to the patient who reaches him/her via e-mail, text or direct voice call. A topic usually is picked for the day; deliberation and education of the public is done around the topic.

Healthline is fixed for midnight bearing in mind that sickness most often manifests more at night and more often than not the patient is alone as most healthy persons are asleep. Healthline then serves as the much needed companion. What we do on the programme also includes answering health questions even outside the studio via e-mail [email protected] where necessary, patients are referred to specialists according to their ailments.
Catch Healthline at 23:30 (11:30 pm) on Sundays. Tune in for one and a half hours of health education. Chat live with medical doctors, get your burning health questions answered, call, send in emails or sms to join the discussion. The doctor is in and you can talk to him or her from the comfort and privacy of your home. Learn about popular health issues and how to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
Visit our website at NTA Healthline


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