The Nigerian Army Holds A 4-day Detainee Operations Workshop To Imbibe Global Best Practice

 Mohammed Abdulkadri

The Nigerian Army Corps of military police is training its personnel to imbibe global best practices in the treatment of In this regard a four-day detainee operations workshop is jointly organized by the Nigerian Army Corps of military police and the Defense Institute of International Legal studies Newport States of America.


Relevant international human rights agreement and 1949 Geneva convention article 3 of which Nigeria is a signatory provided for the protection of the rights of detainees with a benchmark that they must be present during trials and given all rights and means of defense. The workshop provides an overview of Nigerian detention operation. Legal authority and planning for detention operations with the view to giving it human face as stipulated in law. arrests and detention are fall out of internal conflict. only on grounds and procedures established in law can a person be detained or arrested, no arbitrary arrest and arrest.

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