World Biomedical Science Day Media Conference Held In Abuja


Rabi Abdallah

Focus is on the need to prioritize safety at every point of health care and at facilities as Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria join their counterparts worldwide to mark the  2015 World Bio-medical Science Day which comes up 15th of April. This is against the background that ninety-eight thousand people die each year due to preventable medical harm.


The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria held a media conference to mark the day in Abuja.


The Medical laboratory Scientist play a very significant role in the healthcare delivery of any society. The commemoration of the World bar Medical science Day gives this category of health professionals a platform to raise awareness on activities , their professional skills and their contributions to better healthcare services. Propitiousness also shared their expectations from in-coming government. There are 22,000 registered medical laboratory scientist in the country.

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