Oyegun at 76: Atiku Extols His Indomitable Fighting Spirit

Oyegun at 76: Atiku Extols His Indomitable Fighting Spirit

Former Vice President Atiku has said Nigeria’s democratic struggle for good governance is incomplete without a mention of the unquantifiable contributions of the APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, who admirably led the opposition to power for the first time in Nigeria’s political history.

 In a tribute to APC National Chairman on the occasion of his 76th birthday anniversary, the former Vice President noted that Chief Oyegun demonstrated admirable leadership finesse and sagacity that propelled the former opposition to victory during the 2015 general election.

 According to Atiku, the story of opposition on merger in Nigeria to oust PDP from power would be incomplete without recognizing Oyegun’s effective leadership.

He explained that holding the opposition partners together despite efforts by the former ruling party was no mean achievement, and that Oyegun deserves credit for being “a capable captain in a rough political sea.”

The former Vice President said sustaining unity is one of the greatest tests of any leader, and that Oyegun demonstrated these requisite qualities remarkably.

 The Turaki Adamawa said Oyegun is one of the finest and gentle politicians he has ever known and interacted with, adding that there is a lot of great virtues to learn from the APC National Chairman.

L-R, Oyegun, Oyinlola, Aregbesola, Tinubu

L-R, Oyegun, Oyinlola, Aregbesola, Tinubu

“I will always be proud of our National Chairman who, despite all odds, led a formidable struggle to dislodge the PDP from power after 16 years of political dominance. This is an admirable record for which Oyegun deserves our respect. May God continue to grant him more wisdom, good health and long life in the service of Nigerians”, the former Vice President concluded.

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