Internally Displaced Persons in Abuja: The Untold Story

Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Durumi FCT, Abuja

Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Durumi FCT, Abuja

Living in an internally displaced persons camp is a tough call across Nigeria, coordinated efforts are brought to bear on running them, but still fresh issues always crop up.

The situation is even more challenging in Abuja, where there are 4 IDP camps but do not enjoy the benefits other IDPs in the country enjoy.

There 1260 Internally displaced persons in Durumi IDP camp alone.

They have decent accommodation, no water supply, no police presence, no NEMA and Red Cross officials. The people in Durumi IDP camp are living a sham live.

Naomi with her husband and five (5) children live in a tight room in the Durumi IDP camp.

She said when there is rain, they would have to cluster in a corner of the room until after the rain is over and then spread their mat again to sleep.

The Executive Secretary National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Prof. Bem Angwe says officially, there is no IDP camp in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

He said as a commission that has the responsibility for the promotion and protection of the people rights, the commission will seek to find where they are and draw the attention of all other institutions to the plight of the people in question.

However, some intervention organisations that have rise in support of this camp. USAID are giving a one week on micro entrepreneurship and nutrition to the adult Women population.

Another organisation is running primary school classes for the camp children and providing food.

In the absence of regular IDPs support system, the 4 IDP Camps have elected officials to run their activities day by day.

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