Looming Disaster If Paris Pact Fails – UN

Effects of Climate Change  (Photo: Internet)

Effects of Climate Change (Photo: Internet)

The 21st time world governments are meeting to seek a joint solution to climate change, the Paris conference #PARIS2015 #COP21. The talks are focused on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, primarily by shifting from oil, coal and gas to cleaner sources of energy.

Ministers of Foreign and environment were part of the talks outside Paris after lower-level negotiators who met last week delivered a draft agreement with all crunch issues left unresolved.

“It is calling for a trans-formative agreement,” Ban Ki Moon said. “Your work here this week can help eradicate poverty, spark a clean energy revolution and provide jobs, opportunities and hope for tomorrow.”

The previous pacts only required wealthy nations to reduce their emissions. The envisioned Paris agreement asked all countries to rein in their emissions.

Christiana Figueres United Nations climate chief called on ministers to produce an agreement “that safeguards the most vulnerable and unleashes the full force of human ingenuity for prosperity for all.”

“Developed countries must agree to lead, and developing countries need to assume increasing responsibility in line with their capabilities,” Ban Ki Moon said.

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