We’ll Remove Impediments to Investment, President Buhari Assures Qatari Business Community

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured the business community in Qatar that Nigeria would remove any impediment that can hinder investment in the country.

President M. Buhari meeting with Qatari Businessmen

President M. Buhari meeting with Qatari Businessmen

Speaking at a meeting with senior executives of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and some private businessmen in Doha on Sunday, the President said security is essential to prosperity and development.

“Nobody invests without first knowing how secure a country is. That is why we have placed high premium on securing the country, because you cannot effectively manage a country you have not secured.

“My party campaigned on three main planks: security, employment generation and anti-corruption.
“We campaigned on zero corruption, promising that we would run an accountable government and we are keeping our promises.”
Referring to the crash in the international crude oil prices and its effect on the Nigerian economy, President Buhari informed his hosts that Nigeria is blessed with vast arable land for agriculture, and rich deposit of solid minerals, which the businessmen can invest in, and reap rich returns in a short while.

“Agriculture and solid minerals will mobilize youths for gainful employment. We have the capacity not to need to import food at all.
“But we need to also tackle infrastructure deficit in power, transportation, rail, road, and in other areas. We will put together an articulated plan, which would be discussed with you shortly, so that you can make investment decisions.
“All impediments like delayed processing of permits, multiple taxation, and corrupt practices, would be removed,’’ the President said.

Speaking on behalf of the Qatari businessmen, Muhammed Bin Ahmed Bin Towar Al Kuwari, Vice Chairman of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said they would be interested in the finance, oil and gas, telecommunications, tourism, agriculture and food processing sectors, among others.

“All eyes are on Africa in the next decade. Africa is the next place for growth, the rest of the world is looking towards the continent, and Nigeria is an important part of that continent,” he said.

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