WHO Forms Project ‘Family Included’ To Engage Fathers In Maternal Healthcare


The World Health Organisation is forming a global network and exchanging knowledge towards engaging fathers and families in maternal and infant healthcare. The step is targeted at reducing maternal deaths during pregnancy and related cases.

‘Family Included’, a United Kingdom based maternal and child services project in collaboration with an Abuja based health centre is sensitizing communities on this new direction by who.

Aisha Uba-Ali was a in Jigo primary health care centre in Bwari venue of one of such community health awareness programmes.

According to the U.N. Children’s Organization, UNICEF, more than 150 women die every day in pregnancy-related cases in Nigeria, an average of one death every 10 minutes.

Despite various measures aimed at reducing maternal death rates in the world the challenge is still prevalent.

The family inclusive on maternal healthcare is the current drive of the World Health Organisation targeted at reducing maternal mortality.
This meeting with healthcare service providers, pregnant women and nursing mothers and their husbands, is a community health awareness project on family inclusion in the area of maternal and child health.

The organizer says the family inclusive focuses on educating fathers on acceptable practices before, during and after pregnancy and the in-laws on how to treat pregnant mothers

The participants who were passionate in their submissions, welcomed the novel step by the WHO.

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