NPF Refutes Claims By Sahara Reporters Online Publication


The Nigeria Police Force says that the content and character of the online publication of Sahara reporters of 4th August, 2016 captioned “How Acting  IGP Almost Caused Bloodbath At Central Bank Of Nigeria Headquarter”,  was absolutely misleading and untrue in all its ramifications.

This was refuted in a press release issued by the DCP Don N. Awunah, Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters, on Friday in Abuja.

he said that the publication is indeed a misrepresentation of facts.

“There was no such scenario as described by Sahara Reporters New York.  Certainly it was a creation and figment of the reporter whose motive can only be described as yellow journalism designed to discredit a public officer of proven records locally and internationally.

“The IGP Ibrahim K. Idris’s official visit to the Governor of Central bank with full complement of the police management team was a scheduled courtesy call   that was planned and coordinated by the two organizations.

“It is unimaginable that the Policemen who manned the gate at the Central Bank and the IGP’s convoy will have any cause to disagree over access control when there was a mutual understanding and communications on the arrival and the departure of the IGP and his entourage.

“It is important to note that IGP’s entourage included Press men from the electronic and print media.” Awunah said.

According to him, the Central Bank is a critical stakeholder in the overall security architecture of Nigeria.

“Against the background of CBN’s role in crime management and control; the IGP’s visit will be fully appreciated and understood.

“It is significant that stakeholders engage and chart roadmap for peace and security in Nigeria” He said.

Awunah said that the IGP will continue to engage and partner relevant stakeholders in ensuring that Nigeria attains the desired peace and security that will guarantee growth and development.


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