Does The “Beard” Make The Man?

beard-black-manThe craze about keeping the beards seems to be trending for the guys. Could it be just for the fashion vogue or does the beard make the man?

There are a good number of men from diverse fields of human endeavour who prefer to spot beards of different shapes and sizes, for the most unrelated of reasons.

Wole Soyinka has had a beard for as long as we can remember. Pete Edochie is another glaring example. What about the Catholic Bishop of Uyo Diocese? He also spots a long beard.

In the last few years, the entertainment industry in Nigeria has seen a roaring upsurge of members into what social media has come to term “the beardgang”, so much so that anyone spotting a beard these days is seen as trying to emulate the entertainers. But does the beard make the man?

Whether beards are for fashion or for other purposes, there are those who just love the hair on a man’s face, just as there are those who simply hate it. Have it your way, because in the end, the man makes the beard, and you should look good, with or without the beard.

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