President Buhari Media Support Group on Bring Back Our Girls

The President Buhari Media Support Group has appealed to the Bring Back our Girls advocacy group to put off its proposed demonstration to the presidential Villa to avoid needless complications capable of undermining the efforts of the Government to rescue the girls safely.


A statement issued by the Secretary to the Group Casside Madueke appeals to Bring Back our Girls campaign group to encourage the government in its silent approach to overcome the Boko Harma insurgents which will untimely lead to the safe rescue of the girls.

The group in a statement signed by one of its members, Muhammad Labbo, on Friday, said this was necessary to avoid complications and anything capable of undermining efforts of the government to rescue the girls unharmed.

Labbo noted that playing politics with the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls was unhelpful and embarrassing to the government and counterproductive to the silent efforts of the military to rescue them.
He said the government would take serious exception to the mobilization of the parents of the kidnapped girls to score political advantage or exploiting the tragedy to play to the gallery.

Labbo said dragging the parents of the victims to Abuja for endless demonstrations would only compound a bad situation, and give them the impression that a rescue mission “is as simple as abc”.

According to him, the Bring Back Our Girls group should not claim monopoly of patriotism and humanity over the government by seeking to undermine the silent efforts of the military to map out strategies to safely rescue the girls.

He said if there was a formula for rescuing the girls within 24 hours unharmed, government would have done that, reminding the Bring Back Our Girls group of the complexities and sensitivity of hostage rescue missions.

He said: “The terrorists have no rules of engagement and therefore, would not mind killing all the hostages if the Nigerian military attempts any rash action.”

Labbo urged the group not to blackmail and stampede the government into doing something which might lead to the large-scale deaths of the hostages, adding their captors had no regard for the sanctity of life.

The statement adds that, any protest will only advance the propaganda agenda of the Boko Haram bandits.

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