GMN: We Must Forestall Recurrent Jail Breaks In Nigeria

prisonsThe reforms of Nigerian Prisons were the focus on NTA’s flagship programme Good Morning Nigeria on Tuesday.

The discussants agree the service needs urgent interventions to live up to its mandate of reforming inmates for social integration. Prisons are centers for reformation of convicted criminals; however in many countries including Nigeria, they have been overcrowded with persons awaiting trial. Other challenges associated with prisons include poor welfare and infrastructure as well as the decategorization of inmates to minimize risks.

The current rise in jail breaks is also a source of concern as well as an inadequacy in the number of prisons staff in nigeria. The discussants say prisons reforms should be a priority to all arms of government and not left exclusively to the federal government.

The discussants also charged the prisons services to serve the nation with sincerity of purpose devoid of discrimination while ensuring requisite skills for staff to execute their mandate.

The guests were unanimous on the need for the society to properly rehabilitate prison inmates for the sanctity of the nation as well as ensure quick dispensation of justice.

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