Bishop Emmanuel Refutes ‘Man Dies In Coffin…’ In His Church

Bishop Emmanuel Refutes ‘Man Dies In Coffin…’ In His Church

Says the Church is marching on..

Bishop Dr. Emmanuel Esezobor, President; fire House Church International, Nyanya-Abuja as opened up about the rumour that a member died in the church while attempting to perform miracle after paying the man to act.

Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor says the devil is using some people to spread lies against him because the ministry is waxing stronger than expectations.

The Bishop said that the story is one that will soon pass away.

“We have not had a murder case in the Fire House Alter and all the branches we haven’t had a murder case for five years we don’t know where they are getting their stories from these are cheap talkers who are looking for popularity. God be praised.

“We preach Jesus we don’t preach self it has been Jesus all the way and he said if his name is lifted up he will claim souls. It has always been about souls, souls, and souls.

“All our sons, daughters, friends relations believe in our vision and have been praying with us and sending us best wishes and we are at home enjoying Christ and waiting for our evening service today.” He said.

According to Bishop Esezobor, the church has not held any crusade at the Abuja stadium as the said rumour claimed.

He said the church is only planning to hold one next year by February, 15th 2017, when the church intends to storm the National Stadium for healing service and wants everyone to be there to see the power and glory of God at work.

“When I read the fake and cooked story I started speaking in tongues because the devil is out to propagate God and celebrates Jesus.

“We also heard how they said a trader whom they claimed I paid to act for me and in the process he died.

“Who then was the trader? Who are his relations? Which police station they took to? Which cell I was detained? All these are questions begging for an answer.

Bishop Esezobor said the challenges have made him a champion and that he saw it as a stepping stones to greater things.

“Healing is real and I preach it, the Bible says “I shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

“I have seen God do mighty things in righteousness and this is a big motivation coming at the end of the year making us more sensitive and prayerful.

“We know that the devil is after the body of Christ and I pray for all the pastors to go back to their prayer alters as we are over comers.” He added.

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  • comment-avatar
    Emeka Emmanuel Mbadiwe 6 years

    The story is a big lie from the pit of hell. The Bishop is my prophet and mentor, no such event of a fake miracle, man dying in a coffin or crusade holding to that effect (Cheap publicity: no mention of the imaginary victim or wife’s name, police station address, arresting officer etc, baseless). Am a proud member of Firehouse Church International Worship Center. Please click on the link below to hear the side of the story from Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor himself . Please share. Thanks

    • comment-avatar
      Nnamdi Nwobu 6 years

      From my independent investigations ,the story is a lie .just look at the facts yourself, no names mentioned.The dead man must have a name or some form of definite description. Did the wife die too?I mean if she is not dead ,I believe she would not simply shut up.Besides I even attend the church as a doubting Thomas occasionally to hear a fall out gist concerning the dead man from some doubting Thomases who possibly also attend the church,but I tell you sincerely no such gist and attendance is always can’t tell me that in a massive congregation as always witnessed there,that not one soul witnessed this incidence… Haba !!!

      All rumours flying without facts.

      Even Thomas doubted till Christ provided facts by showing his wounds.

      Provide us with facts concerning the murder and we shall believe the pretty much fabricated story.

      Otherwise stop biased journalism or one sided journalism aimed at discrediting someone ,please.

  • comment-avatar
    Nnamdi Nwobu 6 years

    Character assassination