Southern Kaduna Youth Destroyed Foundation Laying Structure Put By Gov. El-Rufai and Lt. Gen Buratai

Southern Kaduna Youth Destroyed Foundation Laying Structure Put By Gov. El-Rufai and Lt. Gen Buratai

Samuel Aruwan, Kaduna: The Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai on Saturday 11th of February 2017, frowned at the destruction of the foundation laying structure of the proposed Nigerian Army Battalion in Southern Kaduna.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai and Governor El-Rufai had last week laid the foundation for the establishment of the battalion at Ungwan Yashi area of Zangon Kataf Local Government as a response to the incessant killings occurring in Southern Kaduna since 1980.

El-Rufai in a response to the destruction by unknown persons described the situation as “unfortunate, and further confirms that the conflict entrepreneurs are determined to continue to create obstacles and setback to our stabilization and peace building efforts.”

The Governor in a statement was quoted as saying:
“I received the news with shock over the unfortunate destruction of foundation laying structure of the proposed Nigerian Army battalion in Southern Kaduna. The very structure we erected to establish the long-awaited Army Barracks to assist promotion of peace and end the decades of senseless bloodletting in the southern part of Kaduna State.

“The situation is unfortunate, condemnable and a setback to the government’s communal stabilization and peace building efforts, but we will not be deterred. We urge our people that cherish peaceful coexistence to continue to be resilient, focused and resolute in overcoming antics of forces of darkness and evil. Those that did this are determined to derail the contributions of the security agencies, having failed to spread their tentacles of hate, bigotry and penchant for divisiveness.

“I want to use this medium to appeal to all men and women of conscience to remain firm and optimistic, while government in collaboration with security agencies, civil society, religious and traditional institutions will continue to work assiduously for peace and security of life and property.

“Finally, all those that have their hands in the destruction of this structure will not go free. The security agencies will fish out the perpetrators, and those found to be involved, or engaged in omissions that led to the destruction of public property will be brought to justice without fear or favour.”

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    THEVERYTRUTH 5 years

    This destruction is not in the interest of peace but find out if the site is not an infringement that some feel it is favours one group over the other. Something tells me there is unfairness in the location of the barrack. Find out you may be surprised I am correct. All the crises look like a revenge mission but certainly it is good we forget the past and move ahead because no one can fight for God, he is capable of fighting for Himself

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      stanley batuk ayuba 5 years

      Keep sentiment aside and tell me why you feel it is deliberate..

      We sit and keep deceiving ourselves under the guise of religion, while we celebrate mediocrity in our communities.
      The case of Yakubu, the former NNPC GMD, is just one amongst so many others, yet to be detected.
      I watched, with so much pity, how some people were celebrating the return of a criminal and a thief, James Ibori, when he just got out of prison from another country. Happily! They were celebrating the return of the very man that stole their future and that of their babies unborn, all in the name of Ethnic bigotry and religious fanaticism.
      People like him are the ones that put our country, Nigeria, into recession and hunger that comes with it.
      I hold brief for no one or any party but the onus is on me to say what I can, even though my voice is not loud enough to be heard. Someday the words will be golden.
      Before anyone goes religious or Ethnic, let me say this to all who care, I am a Christian and I try as much as possible to keep the word before anything else.
      We have allowed the political elites to divide and rule us, using religion and ethnicity as a potent tool. They have taken their weapons of mass destruction to our places of worship again, making the ignoramus to fight themselves. The Holy Bible tells me not to be a false witness. But I keep wondering why my people, yes! My people from southern Kaduna and mostly Christians, just come up with unconfirmed allegations that the present government is sponsoring the herdsmen attacks, is that not dumb? With all the professors and retired military Generals, why can’t they gather the information at their disposal with a convincing evidence to a court of competent jurisdiction? Failure to do so is bearing false witness.
      We complain over everything and anything, so, they dish out any garbage and the gullible fall.
      We complain about our country being systematically steered to become an Islamic state. What dumbness? The political class that steered this nation for the past 16yrs are the ones that put the nation in this disastrous recession state.
      Before you celebrate people like FFK, another criminal, for speaking for Christianity, you should know he is one of the enemies of our nation. Out of the 16yrs PDP did their hullabaloo, 14yrs the Christians held sway but we never heard of Christianisation from other religions. In order for them to secure our sympathy and not to hold them responsible, they throw in the religion card because it is the opium of the masses. During same period under review, the almighty NTA, that is yet to reach the beat, will always show mostly Christians activities with a Sunday dose of the so called”Presidential chapel”. Pastors alike became billionaires with private jets, some were even used for arms deal. In fact, at a time I thought the CAN was running the government. They didn’t cry wolf, now you want me to protest against the government, after you lots have succeeded in milking the nation dry? Please think again because I am not easily fooled. The Protest should be a revolution against the corrupt politicians not marching to the gates of the seats of power.
      Stop celebrating mediocrity because you feed on some crumbs. Your neighbours become excessively rich, few weeks after joining politics and all you do in the neighbourhood is to celebrate them and even accord them chieftaincy titles instead of questioning the source of such over night wealth. You just celebrated the murder of your future, by such politicians.
      When the missionaries came, though they had their agenda, but they came with the necessities of life. Missionaries schools were the best then and free indeed. They built hospitals and skills acquisition centres but what do we have now? Schools and hospitals built by our brothers, from their various churches, with our offerings and tithes, yet they are unaffordable to the people they shepherd, not even affordable to a permanent secretary working with the federal government, unless he/she is also eating our yam.
      Let the revolution begin not protest to their office gate, to be addressed by another of our future eater.
      Throw away the ethnoreligious sentiment and let us face them toe to toe in their homes, yes, take the fight to their homes not offices, where they have the suffer head security defending them. The so called security operatives that can hardly provide food or pay their children’s school fees, unless they are yam eaters too.
      Senator Nenadi Usman is busy calling for prayers, to destroy the so called Islamists agenda. I wonder where she got that information from and where are the evidence.
      Did she build any health care centre for us? No.
      Did she build any school? No they only enrich themselves.
      Think fellow Nigerians, think. They are in every political party, religion and ethnicity, they are there for themselves not our country.
      I will not sit quietly and watch them destroy my children’s future.
      For those that are with the likes of FFK, the demented fellow, and people like Reno Omokri and Doyin Okupe should have a rethink. Stop calling such people heroes, they are not. Not even GEJ is a hero, never, and I can never see him as one.
      Take good decisive action and stand up for our country. We must take action against those that are deceiving the masses.

      I stand for peace and progress.

      I stand for hard truth.

      God bless Kaduna state

      God bless el-Rufai

      God bless Nigeria

      God bless PMB.


      Stanley Ayuba

      Writes from

      Kaduna state, Nigeria.