UEFA Champions League: Arsenal’s 5-1 Lose, Leaves Fans And Players In Disarray

UEFA Champions League: Arsenal’s 5-1 Lose, Leaves Fans And Players In Disarray

Arsenal’s lost to Bayern Munich in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League second league tie which saw the Gunners exit the European title on a 10-2 aggregate.

This experience seems to the leave the London Club in disarray, fans are literally calling for the exit of Arsenal’s legendary Manager, Arsene Wenger and key players potentially leaving the club at the end of the season.

Goal reports say: “Nobody was expecting Arsenal to overturn the 5-1 defeat against Bayern Munich on Wednesday evening. Not Arsene Wenger, not the players and certainly not the fed-up fans who marched through north London before kick-off demanding the Frenchman “get out” of their club.

“Put yourself in the shoes of those fans who partook in the march and ask yourself: What is there to live for as an Arsenal supporter? These nights

“when the battle is over and you’ve already lost? Nights like Saturday when you hope that your club can put some distance between themselves and Liverpool in the race for the top four but when deep down you actually know you’ll lose?”

Laurent Koscielny’s second-half red card proved to be the decisive moment of another frustrating clash against Bayern Munich that saw us exit the Champions League.

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The Gunners were excellent in the first half, determined to live up to Arsène Wenger’s calls for them to play with “lucid rage”.

Theo Walcott capped a bright individual performance by opening the scoring with a fierce drive in the 26th minute, and went close again before the half was out.

uefa-champions league-arsenal

Olivier Giroud headed a good chance over at the start of the second period, but the game turned on the penalty incident that saw Koscielny sent off soon afterwards.

Robert Lewandowski slotted home from the spot, before Arjen Robben took advantage of a defensive error to put the Bundesliga champions in front.

Douglas Costa stepped off the bench to add a third as the 10-man Gunners struggled to keep Bayern at bay, before Arturo Vidal added a fourth and then a fifth.

It was a disappointing end to a night that had started to positively, and leaves Wenger having to raise spirits quickly ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup quarter-final against Lincoln City.

(parts: Goal, Arsenal)


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