Resist and Reject Any Attempt To Disrupt Peace and Tranquility

Resist and Reject Any Attempt To Disrupt Peace and Tranquility

Samuel Aruwan, Kaduna: Residents of Kaduna State have been urged to do their utmost best to uphold peace in the state.

A statement from the Kaduna State Security Council said that citizens should remain calm and firmly reject any attempt to drag residents of the state into events happening elsewhere in the country.

“The Kaduna State Security Council wishes to commend the vast majority of the state’s residents for their commitment to peace. Council urges residents to continue to uphold peace and harmony, and ensure that they resist and reject any attempt to disrupt the peace and tranquillity currently prevailing in the state.

“The Kaduna State Security Council specifically warns against those trying to incite unnecessary tensions in the state because of events elsewhere in the country. Such persons should desist from circulating videos and images with inciting commentary and calls to citizens for reprisals.

“Already, the unfortunate incidents in that part of the country have been contained and taken care of, so the government would not watch enemies of peace capitalising on the situation to cause problems in Kaduna State using images and videos calling for reprisals.

“People circulating images and calling for reprisals are enemies of peaceful society, and all citizens must say no to them.

The Security Council is determined to ensure that anyone or group of persons distributing images and videos calling for revenge are arrested and prosecuted.

“Citizens must support the government to ensure that every threat to law and order in the state is defeated.”

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