RE: Military Stops Admission of Female Cadets

RE: Military Stops Admission of Female Cadets

John Enenche, Abuja: The attention of the Defense Headquarters has been drawn to a news being spread in the print and online Media about stoppage of training female cadets in order to be commissioned as Regular Combatant officers into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

This is an act of disinformation to the general public by mischievous individuals. The contents of all those publications are ill intended concoctions, not authentic and should therefore be disregarded outrightly.

Extantly, the provision in the terms and conditions of service for female officers of the Nigerian Military is that “They are eligible for all the types of Commission that are grantable to their male counterparts”, which has not changed.

This is for the information of the general public and female Nigerians in particular.

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