#PMBinKano: President Buhari’s Message To Kanawa

#PMBinKano: President Buhari’s Message To Kanawa

“I am overwhelmed by the reception the people of Kano offered to me. This has indicated that I can still win an election in Kano. The people of Kano are aware of the tremendous jobs we did on security and agriculture.

We have recorded tremendous successes in our efforts to achieve the three agenda of my government; security, economy, and fight against corruption.

Nigeria, Chad and Niger Republic have succeeded in crushing Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast. The countries have come together to fight a common goal because without peace and stability we cannot achieve anything.

The north is important to the country, because If there is peace and stability in the north, there will be peace and stability in the whole country and if there is a problem in the region it will affect the entire country.

I have seen a lot in politics since I joined it in 2003, Nigerians must understand the difference between democratic and military administration.
When I was the military head of state, I have arrested many people and jailed them for alleged corruption and in the end, I also ended in a jail.

From 1999 to 2014, Nigeria got so much wealth but it was misused. They squandered the money and we still don’t have a constant power supply, no good education for our children and we don’t have good hospitals and roads.

Kano Emirate Council has contributed a lot to my life. Whatever I become in my life, I always consult the Kano Emirate Council.”

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