Operation ‘Ruwan Wuta’ Strikes Boko haram Buildings

Operation ‘Ruwan Wuta’ Strikes Boko haram Buildings

Olatokunbo Adesanya, Maiduguri: In furtherance of the recently commenced Operation RUWAN WUTA, on 7 September 2017, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) conducted air interdiction on structures with 2 hoisted Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT) Organization flags in Zanari, a known location with significant BHT presence at the northern fringes of Borno State bordering Lake Chad.

Quite a number of BHTs had earlier been spotted, from a NAF Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance platform, entering the buildings apparently for meetings. The F-7Ni and the Alpha Jet aircraft were detailed to attack the target.

Overhead the location, the target was acquired and engaged by the 2 aircraft, in rapid succession. Subsequent Battle Damage Assessment revealed that the targeted structures went up in flames, killing its occupants.

The objective of Operation RUWAN WUTA is to further degrade the capability of the BHTs thereby preventing them from regrouping to cause havoc for our surface forces. The Operation also aims at softening the ground for our surface forces to subsequently move in and conduct mopping up operations.

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