Police Inaugurate ‘Operation Know Your Neighbour’ to Check Cultism

Police Inaugurate ‘Operation Know Your Neighbour’ to Check Cultism

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Edgal Imohimi, on Tuesday inaugurated ‘Operation Know Your Neighbour’ to check cultism and drug peddling in the state.

He inaugurated the operation during a town hall meeting hosted by Area G Command in Ogba, Lagos.

According to Imohimi, people have taken the act of knowing one’s neighbour for granted, and this is militating against the safety of the society.

Community policing is based on partnership. It is the people that know how their problem can be solved. I hereby call on everyone that we have decided to launch Operation Know Your Neighbour.

“We have long taken this act for granted as everyone wants to be on their own. We don’t want to know the person sitting or living beside us.

“This is, however, not possible as the next person’s act can easily influence yours. If you see something, say something and don’t keep quiet at your own detriment,” he said.

The commissioner of police said no fewer than 25 persons were in police custody for cult-related crimes and having arms and ammunition in their possession.

“Cultists are also members of the society, and I know we are not happy.But what do we intend to do about it?

“It is high time all traditional, civil and every other group that have influence on youths take issues of cultism and awareness very serious.

“You should dedicate time to talk about the evils of cultism during your gatherings or town hall meetings.

“Now, l want you to warn your children that anyone arrested for cult-related crimes will be diligently prosecuted,” he said.

Edgal also urged residents not to allow drug peddlers to hide in their neighbourhood and turn their children into drug addicts.

We must take back our communities from drug peddlers. We know where they are, we can’t say we don’t.

We should be able to share this information with the police and not let these hoodlums hibernate in our community to hide and sell drug to our children

Edgal said.

He urged members of the public to be vigilant, as crime is dynamic in nature.

The CP told the audience of how a suspected of armed robber who disguised as a mad man was arrested in Ikeja.

Imohimi said that he discovered that people find it hard to share information with the police because they seem not to trust the police.

“Policemen should be warned that this fight against social vices does not exclude them. Policemen must be professional in their conduct.

“Members of the public are hereby advised to report any policeman being unprofessional or seen associating with cultists,” he said.

Imohimi subsequently gave out the Citizens Complaint Hot Centre (CCHC) numbers for members of the public to report police unprofessional conduct.

The CCHC numbers are 08067945296, 08063025274, 08063104759, 08113615350, 08113683079, 08096283148, 08096283173, 08089781657, 08126404930 and 08081426895

the CP said. (NAN)

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