Suleja Gets N100m Domestic Gas Plant


A private company, Eegoja gas, on Sunday inaugurated an 80 metric tons N100 million modern domestic plant in Kwankwashe, Suleja Local Government Area of Niger state.

Mr Paul Ekele, the Chief Executive Officer of company, said that the plant would improve the economy of the area as well as create employment for the people.

He said that the concept of the company came as an inspiration to remain connected to the needs of the people.

“Eegoja gas is intended to serve the people and empower them through the value chain.

“There is a growing demand in cooking gas because it is the cheapest among burning fuel and it is less stressful.

“The demand for gas is becoming higher than the supply, that is why I am calling on my big brothers and friends to venture into the same business because gas still remain a viable business.

“There is a lot of business potentials associated with LPG business,” he said.

Ekele gave assurance that the gas plant would satisfy it’s customers by ensuring safety, accuracy of measurement and value for money.

“The company placed more value to life than profit and we believe that you are buying gas to cook for your family to eat and live.

“I urged you as our esteem customers to always pay attention to our instructions; such as customers are not allowed inside and no car is allowed inside,” he added.

He, however, appealed to the Federal government to create enabling environment for those in LPG business such as removing of VAT on gas.

Also, Mr Mordecai Ladan, a Director in the Department of Petroleum (DPR), noted that the plant would impact positively on the lives of the people of Suleja and it’s environs.

“There will be positive economic impact such as creation of jobs as the staff will earn a living through the plant.

“There is a growing demand for domestic gas and bringing the plant close to a congested area like Suleja and environs, a satellite town where most workers in Abuja reside, was a good idea,” he said.

Ladan, who was represented by Alhaji Ahmad Shaku, Head of Cooperate Service, DPR, noted that the gas plant was of high standard and called on people to invest in more of such ventures.

He urged the Federal government to create a conducive environment for private investors to improve the country’s economy. (NAN)

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