Namibia to Deport Foreign Teachers Working Without Permits

The Teachers Union of Namibia on Thursday said they would have foreign teachers working in the country without permits deported.


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The union’s secretary general Mahongora Kavihuha, addressing a news conference in Windhoek, said they would do this because most of the foreign teachers illegally in Namibia were being exploited.

Kavihuha said most private colleges and schools employ foreign teachers who cannot join unions because they have no work permits.

He also said that some of the teachers are mistreated and humiliated to such a degree that their performance is affected.

In some cases, Kavihuha pointed out, private colleges and schools do not give foreign teachers long-term contracts.

“The nature of the short contracts prevents teachers from joining trade unions to bargain and to ask for salary increases,’’ he said.

Kavihuha added that teachers in such situations cannot approach any government department for help.

TUN, Kavihuha said, would involve the police to visit private colleges and schools to smoke out foreign teachers who have no working permits.

He further said that the union would also organise meetings with private colleges and schools’ owners to understand their situation.

Also, he said, the union would engage all foreign teachers working in Namibia with permits and encourage them to join unions. (Xinhua/NAN)

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