Operation ‘Deep Punch’ Show Force Within Dikwa Emirate

Operation ‘Deep Punch’ Show Force Within Dikwa Emirate

Texas Chukwu, Abuja: With various deterrent options put in place by the Federal Government to dissuade Boko Haram Terrorists from their course of insurgency; the Nigerian military have spearheaded the effort to finding lasting solution to their menace.

In recent time, various operations have been conducted in the North eastern part of Nigeria and some are still ongoing, the most potent was OPERATION DEEP PUNCH II which led to the degradation of Sambisa Forest. The dominance of the Nigerian military presently in the theatre cannot be over-embellished even with the limit in the resources.

Commander 22 Brigade Dikwa, Brigadier General John Ochai on Saturday 31 March 2018 led troops of 22 Brigade, Counter Terrorists Unit (CTU), Para Military Agencies and officials of Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), on a show of force within Dikwa Emirate. What was interesting was the high moral the troops exhibited – the cheering from children, women and elderly; it was obvious that they have not seen this particular parade from the Nigerian military before, which in a strategic mission recaptured the town from the siege of Boko Haram Terrorists in 2015.

General Ochai, while addressing the troops after the exercise said, clear message has been sent out to the remnants of  Boko Haram Terrorists still hiding in the bush on the confidence and the readiness of the troops to bring their existence to a permanent extinction. He added that, with what he saw today – the people of Dikwa are completely behind the military.

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