House Special Plenary Session in Honor of Late Hon. Umar Buba Jibril (Deputy House Leader)

House Special Plenary Session in Honor of Late Hon. Umar Buba Jibril (Deputy House Leader)

Plenary proceedings of the House of Representatives for Wednesday, April 11, 2018, The Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara presiding.

Valedictory Session in Honour of Late Hon. Umar Buba Jibril (Deputy House Leader)

Hon. Tahir Monguno: Hon. Buba Jibril has served humanity well in his life time, he was my immediate seat neighbor and I must say he was a wonderful human being and Legislator. He had been elected as a 3-time Member, who had also risen to the enviable position of Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly, a testament to his service to his people. It is also no surprise that he rose to become the Deputy Majority Leader in the 8th House, this illuminates his talent of being a resourceful team-player. The interest of his constituents is always paramount in everything he does. He never fails to travel home and interphase with his constituents on a weekly basis.

Hon. Mohammed Sani: This is an occasion for deep and sober reflection, not just about the departed soul of our former colleague, but of ourselves also. While using late Hon. Buba Jibril as a benchmark, we should look inwards and put ourselves in check. Hon. Buba Jibril had effortlessly fused Legislative duties with his commitment to his constituents, a feat rarely achieved by any Lawmaker. May God forgive his shortcomings and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Hon. Saheed Fijabi: In the midst of the sorrow, I want to celebrate the life of Hon. Buba Jibril who was like a father to me. Today is like a lesson to me on the temporary nature of the human life, what legacy will we leave behind?

Hon. Chike Okafor: It is a privilege to talk of this great man. As a first-time Member, I had to seek for guidance from more experienced Members, Hon. Buba Jibril was one shining example who always had a listening ear and a understanding heart, he would be sorely missed.

Hon. Nnenna Ukeje: It is with a very heart that I rise to speak about someone who was a total picture of humility and kindness. He always gave God the Glory for how far he had come in life. He was never in any kind of controversy, and always looking to seek the solutions to problems. Among Members, he was a good friend among colleagues. We will miss his hospitality and the fish/ lunch he always brought. He always advised me on the growth of my family. There are lines colleagues don’t cross, Hon. Buba Jibril crossed those lines in care and love. It is sobering to speak of him thus, he was a guiding light and imposing figure of love and authority. He will be sorely missed, may his soul rest in peace.

Hon. Ahmed Idris: Hon. Buba Jibril always stood for the truth and values. I want to on this wise condole the Leadership of the House and all the Members on the death of our Leader. He poured out all his wealth and energy in the service of his people.

Hon. T.J Yusuf: It is with a very heavy heart I stand to give this tribute to my brother and friend, Hon. Buba Jibril, an astute politician. He was unassuming amongst his people. He went home every week and you’d find him attending all ceremonies he was invited to by his constituents despite the difference in their class, religious and socio-economic standing. He was a man worth emulating by the youth.

Hon. Aminu Shagari: Hon. Bubble Jibril was very close to me and indeed to other Members in the House. He was a fearless leader who was never afraid to stand his ground on issues on which he was convinced.

Hon. Garba Datti: Hon. Jibril Buba was a selfless and kind human being who cared to offer solutions to the problems of all he came in contact with.

Hon. Ossai Nicholas: The House of Representatives has lost one of its shining lights who was one of its very best. He was a listening leader and achiever, I cannot forget the role he played in resolving the Kogi State Assembly saga.

Hon. Beni Lar: It was with great shock and sadness I received the news of the demise of Hon. Buba Jubril. He was always passionate about uniting the North-Central region. He was a rare gem and a truly great man.

Hon. Orker Jev: Hon. Buba Jibril’s demise brings me sadness on a greater level imagined. He was a good source of Legislative knowledge when I first came to the House of Representatives.

Hon. Ali Madaki: Death is a debt we shall all pay, and he was the one that brought peace between me and the leadership of the 8th House of Representatives since I was in a different camp.

Hon. Agbonayinma Johnson: Hon. Buba Jibril was a detribalized leader who helped me immensely in the earlier days of my career as a Legislator, even when I was still in P.D.P. I will never forget the legacies he left behind and will strive to emulate him. I wish we said all these good things to him while he was alive, so let’s all appreciate ourselves while we live.

Hon. Gaza Jonathan: To be at the burial of Hon. Buba Jubril was humbling, it was dumbfounding to see so many people weeping at once humbled me. Words fail me to capture all this great man represented to us, the example he left will never be lost to me, may he rest in peace.

Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas: As a first-time Legislator, the lessons I learnt from Hon. Buba Jubril was invaluable and for this, I will always be grateful to him and miss him so much.

Hon. Hassan Saleh: This 8th Assembly has had too many deaths and as religious people, Nigerians should begin to ask why too many deaths after such a short time. Prayer is needed so that the country does not continue to lose good valuable assets like Hon. Buba Jubril.

Hon. James Faleke: Hon. Buba Jubrli was a man of the people, a grass-root politician who always gave back to his people, and was always in their midst. He was of immense help when I was picked to be Deputy Governor of Kogi State despite having misgivings with some of the people I was working with. He threw away his own personal feelings for my sake, that’s the kind of person he was.

Hon. Jagaba Adams: Hon. Buba Jubril was my very close friend, he also influenced me living close to him. His death should give us a sound reason for accountability of our lives and actions.

Hon. Babale Bashir: It is said that man is a game that death is constantly pursuing, and we should be very careful of all our actions and count our days wisely.

Hon. Abubakar Chika: Death is a necessary debt we must pay, it is a lesson for the living, and Hon. Buba Jubril is lucky to have died in the midst of his loved ones. Let us use this experience to check ourselves and live right.

Hon. Binta Bello: Hon. Buba Jubril opened his home to me to be close to his wives when I lost my husband. He has always had a large heart. I will miss him, and may God keep his family.

Hon. Chukwuka Onyema: Hon. Buba Jubril was a man of his people, he always had and defended their interests. His death is a time for sober reflection and we should rededicate ourselves to God and live right. Let us keep up our togetherness and keep it a strong House.

Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa: I lend my voice to this sad session to say we have lost a great man and leader. He was an uncommon Legislator whose shoes may be physically impossible to fill. The vacuum he has left really may be impossible to fill. He was an Institutional Legislator who was pro-establishment. Hon. Buba Jubril was passionate about 2 Bills, I hope we ensure those Bills are passed to the logical conclusion.

Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila: It is ironic that Members are gathered to mourn such a great leader. Hon. Buba’s seat may be physically filled in the coming days, but it will be empty in a way for me forever. He had a positive energy always flowing, he let so much across without saying much, he had a generous heart and a heart of generosity. We must ensure we make it a priority that his family would be looked after.

Rt. Hon. Yussuff Lasun: as politicians, we live frivolous lives, we barely take care of the essentials with the priority they deserves. Nigerian politics breeds poverty and neglect. As has been said, Hon. Buba was the voice of the Leadership, and that voice would be sorely missed.

Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara: A lot has been said about late Hon. Buba Jubril who never leaned on political god fathers for elections. He always stood his ground on critical issues. After he came back from London, I appealed to him to soften his stand on the N.G.O Bill, but he stated that he was tired of Nigerians being short-changed by N.G.Os and would not shift his stand. As a Kogi State Legislator, he distinguished himself till he crossed over to the House of Representatives. Until his death he was the Deputy Leader of the 8th House. The cold hands of death may have stolen his voice, but not his works, it came for him at the summit of his life, when his works had blossomed. I have lost a brother and a friend, his legacy lives on. No doubt these are trying times for the National Assembly, I cannot effectively convey all is a n my mind. Ourthoughts are with the families of these great fallen soldiers of democracy.

The House adjourned Plenary till Thursday, April 12 by 11:00 Am

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