Not too young to run: Young Aspirant Urges Youth To Start Politics From Grassroot

A 28-year-old aspiring for membership of Kaduna State House Assembly, Fahad Ahmed-Cikaji, on Thursday called on young politicians to begin their quest aspiring for elective positions from the grassroots.

Ahmed-Cikaji who made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said it was a good place to garner experience for higher political offices.

“if you ask me, I don’t agree that a youth can be a governor or president in Nigeria for now. I think the youth should start from councillorship and legislative houses first.

“That way, they will build their capacity and have more experience on politics and governance”, he said.

According to him, the youths alone cannot bring the desired change to the Nation as some of them also have selfish tendencies.

“We need a mixture of both youth and the old because youth alone can’t give the desired change we need.

“Experienced people who have the nation at heart shouldn’t be sidelined because they are not youth”.

Cikaji further urged the youth to know their worth and not allow any politician to use them as political thugs.

“My advice to youth is that they should know their worth, those opportune to go to school should concentrate on their studies, those that are not in school should learn a trade or craft”, he said.

He added that young men and women aspiring for any political office should have the Nation at heart and be fair and transparent in their dealings.(NAN)

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