NHRC Partners Media to End Arbitrary Arrests, Rights Abuses

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Wednesday reiterated its commitment to ensure that issues of human rights abuses and arbitrary arrests of Nigerians reduce to the barest minimum.

The NHCR Kaduna State Coordinator, Terngu Gwar made the commitment when he led members of the commission on a visit to the Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna Council, Comrade Adamu Yusuf at the council’s secretariat.

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“Human rights has not been given the attention it deserves especially of vulnerable people.

“Issues of arbitrary arrests and detentions must be reduced to its barest minimum. Even you as media are victims from security agencies when doing your jobs.

“We need the media to create awareness and set agenda on what the human rights commission is doing, not just to promote mandate of the commission but to know the rights, and redress where rights are infringed.

“Assist us in coverage of our activities and also beam some of the violations. Because when the media is watching, it becomes issue of public discourse and can’t be swept under the carpet,” he appealed.

Gwar lamented that human rights issues are not given adequate attention in Nigeria.

“Especially the vulnerable people, the women and children, that’s why the commission is there for them.

“We need the media in terms of awareness, creating agenda and holding the government accountable.

“To let people know their rights and what they can do when their rights are violated. Because people are not aware, people violate their rights and get away with it, but when they know their rights, they can know what to do to seek redress,” he said.

He said that the commission want issues of Human rights to reduce to barest minimum.

“You see children on the streets hawking instead of going to school, such and other rights abuses must end,” he said.

Gwar commended the efforts of journalists for promoting peace and development in the country.

“Media has come a long way in Nigeria from pre colonial, colonial to independence, enlightening and educating the public.

“Even in promoting democracy, we know what you have done. We salute you and thank you for what you are doing here in Kaduna to promote peace and harmonious coexistence,” he added.

In his Response, Yusuf, Kaduna NUJ chairman commended the commission for the steps taken adding that a lot of journalists have been victimised.

“We thank you for coming to enlighten us on human rights, a lot of our members have been victimised and we have to spend a lot of money to hire lawyers.

“Some of them are still in court and by this visit, the society need to know their rights and what is child abuse, rape and hawking among other as menace in the country.

“With this partnership, the government will take their responsibility more seriously.”(NAN)

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