SON Tasks Pole Manufacturers On Quality

Concrete Pole manufacturers in Imo State have been enjoined to adhere strictly to the requirements of the Nigerian Industrial Standards NIS 586:2007 to guarantee the quality of their products and value for money to consumers. 
The call was made by the Director General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Osita Aboloma Esq. at a forum organised by SON, Imo State Office in Owerri.

Represented by the State Coordinator,  Engr. Rose Madaki, the SON Chief Executive expressed displeasure at discoveries that many concrete pole manufacturers in Imo State were not adhering to the requirements of NIS.
Engr. Madaki listed the negative observations as including;


 – using 32.5grade of cement instead of 42.5grade specified in the standard.- having more than one joint in one bar line on longitudinal reinforcement against the specification in the standard.- using 10mm as reinforcement bar for High Tention (HT) mould instead of 12mm minimum specified in the standard.- reduction in length of poles to 8.35m for Low Tension (LT) instead of 8.53m minimum and 10.05m for HT instead of 10.40m minimum specified in the standard.- failure to cure poles for 28days after production to obtain optimum strength as required by the standard before sale.
Engr. Madaki, reiterated SON’s commitment to providing standards and quality assurance services for all products, services and processes in Nigeria in line with the international best practices and to ensure continual improvement.

She added that the mission of the organisation was to promote consumer confidence and global competitiveness of Nigerian products and services through standardisation and quality assurance.

The forum which held at the SON Imo State office conference room resolved as follows;
 – all poles shorter than the standard specifications must be discarded and reconstructed accordingly. – Concrete pole manufacturers must use only 42.5grade of cement. – reinforcement bars used in production of concrete poles must adhere strictly to standard specifications henceforth.- all corrective actions must be concluded before end of first quarter 2020.
Engr. Madaki then warned the concrete pole manufacturers against unfair trade practice and cutting of corners stressing that SON would bring the full weight of the law to bear on anyone caught henceforth. 


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