Delhi Police Receives 10,800 Reports of violence in 2 Days

 The Police in Delhi, India’s capital said it received a total of 10,800 reports of violence, arson, vandalism, assault, and stone-throwing during the two days of rioting in the city.

There has been reports that the police were overwhelmed during the two days violence, but India’s federal home ministry on Thursday dismissed the reports.

According to the ministry, there is adequate strength of forces on ground in the city since Monday.

​The ministry said approximately 6,000 personnel from the Central Armed Police Forces were deployed in addition to over 3,000 personnel of the Delhi Police.

However, residents in the violence-affected areas claimed that the police did nothing to stop the rioters.

Rajni, a resident of Yamuna Vihar said there were no police officers present in the area.

Widespread stone-throwing, firing, use of petrol bombs, and vandalism were witnessed during the two days of clashes.

Public property, homes, and places of worship were damaged while shops and vehicles were set ablaze.

The country has been engulfed in mass protests since December 2019 when the government introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The Act facilitates Indian citizenship for illegal immigrants from several religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who arrived India before 2015.

The law, however, excluded Muslim migrants from the list, which was deemed discriminatory and unconstitutional by many activists.

Already, Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal has requested the federal home minister to deploy the army to control the situation, as the communal violence escalated in parts of India’s capital.


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