Covid-19: Expert Wants Schools to Improve Hygiene Practices

Mrs Apeke Oladun, a retired school head, has urged school proprietors and owners to be proactive in curtailing the spread of the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) among children.


Oladun advised schools to ensure that maximum hygiene and safety measures are taken within their ability. She made the call while fielding questions from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Friday.

“I think now schools should begin to inform their teachers to monitor the activities of students and pupils to ensure that they do not involve in dirty practices especially in using the toilets.

“There should be provision for hand sanitisers both in the toilets and classrooms, teachers should also be observant in case there is a sick child in the class so as to report appropriately.

“Because children are at the receiving end of disease outbreaks. Besides they are very free with one another and so can contact infections easily.

“Parents should endeavor to buy hand sanitisers and place in their kids school bags, and also teach them how to use it.

“We are responsible for their protection, and we should do all we can to protect them.

“And everyone of us should be more health conscious now; the government cannot handle this alone, it starts from us with basic and simple hygiene practices,” she said. (NAN)

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