Advocacy movie “Smokescreen” Premieres in Abuja

A Nollywood blockbuster, “Smokescreen,” that   advocates family values, good parenting and depicts the dangers of  domestic violence against women has made screening debut in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the star-studded movie produced by Vincent Ogbuehi was premiered on Saturday night at the NAF Conference Centre.

The movie is directed by ace Nollywood filmmaker, Emeka Onwukwe(Dede)  and it stars  Mariah Ugabasi, Ene Okwulu, Chidi Benjamin and Ubong Martins.

Other cast included Samson Ogbuehi,Orduen Apel, Jenny Martins and ace Nollywood thespians Empress Njamah, Chucks Chyke and Paul Apel-Papel, among others.

Set in the city of Abuja, Smokescreen tells the story of  Brenda (Empress) and George (Chuks), a successful couple with three children, who almost lost everything because of misplaced priorities.

Brenda is a workaholic Bank Manager, who does not have time for her family and  left the care of her home in the hand of a “kind but dangerous” house maid.

The consequences of her actions and the  intrigues that follow are what make Smokescreen  both entertaining, educative and lessons-filled.

It was an evening of glitz and glamour as both cast and crew of the movie, as well as entertainment industry watchers and players in the FCT stormed the red carpet preceding the screening.

The event that was hosted by sensational standup comedian, Chuks D General, also featured comedians and music artistes that trilled the audience to scintillating performances.

In an interview with NAN on the red carpet, Onwukwe (Dede) , director of the movie said it was conceived to drive positive family values and parenting  and as well  speak against domestic violence  among women.

“The social values  of the film is that it advocates against domestic violence against women and also brings to fore the need for gender equality and good parenting.

“It is a dramatic piece that mirrors the life of four friends who are caught in the web of deceit as they conceal some secrets about themselves but in the long-run their secrets were actually revealed.

”Their actions  is  an apt metaphor of the name Smokescreen, the  more you look the less you see, but unfortunately for them the haze got demystified and their true nature was exposed.

“The good thing is that at the end of the day the film proffers redemption for one’s mistake,” he said.


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