Give Men, Women Equal Attention on Delayed Conception – Gynaecologist

Give Men, Women Equal Attention on Delayed Conception – Gynaecologist

Dr Abosede Lewu, a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist says women get more support and attention while experiencing delay in conception or infertility issues than men or fathers-in-waiting.

Lewu, team lead at Girlsaide Initiative and Convener, Keep All Mothers Alive (KAMA) Project, made the disclosure while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Awka.

The medical expert noted that fathers in waiting sufferEd too and needed all the support to get through the journey to fatherhood.

“Men suffer too. They experience feeling of inadequacy, threatened masculinity and virility, denial, guilt, disbelief, social ridicule, self-doubt and marginalisation.

“They also deal with anxiety, depression which could lead to impotence. In addition, they battle with strife, anger and disappointment with partner and family.

“All these feelings reduce quality of sex life because it is now all about conception. Some may experience erectile dysfunction especially when sample collection is involved.

“Repeating their challenges and testing from clinic to clinic could also be distressing,” she said.

Lewu said the struggles, pains and emotions of men in relationships experiencing delay in conception were valid and real, and should be heard and acknowledged.

She urged family members and friends to also support such men by being sensitive and not to be a source of pressure and tension.

According to her, a good support system and a listening ear will make their journey smoother.

She also urged fathers-in-waiting to be open minded about their fertility challenges and live a healthy life style.

“If you are a father-in-waiting, make sure you and your partner are being evaluated, do not shy away from second opinion to quickly identify the areas of challenges and tackle them.

“Live a healthy life style, exercise, eat right and if you have any medical condition, treat it.

“Be open minded, there are many pathways to parenthood; learn about them and explore,” Lewu said.


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