Civil Defence Receives COVID-19 Testing Equipment

Civil Defence Receives COVID-19 Testing Equipment

The Commandant General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Abdulahi Gana Mohammadu on Friday in his office received Covid 19 testing equipment (Polymerase chain reaction CPR machines) and personal protective equipment which he ordered for, to help fight novel coronavirus. The equipment which will provide results within short period of time the samples arriving in the hospital’s Lab.

It is not a news that Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has a well-equipped hospital and laboratory equipment within its National Headquarters in Abuja which has been serving both staff and general public in full capacity.

The installation of the equipment is currently on going at the special laboratory of the Corps and kits shall be distributed to health workers and staff accordingly, Gana said.

The CG disclosed that the Corps will invite NCDC (National Centre for Disease Control) for accreditation of the facility for the use of the general public as a testing centre.

It is not a coincidence that this equipment is coming on stream at this time when the Corona virus disease is ravaging the whole world.

Since we find ourselves in this situation, more effort will be made to support the government and general public as part of the national response plan, Gana stated.

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