COVID-19: Medical Director advises hypertension patients to play safe

The Medical Director of  Alimosho General Hospital in Lagos, Dr Madewa Adebajo, on Monday warned hypertensive patients to adhere to medical guidelines to stay alive, amid the prevailing coronavirus crisis.

Adebajo gave the advice at a virtual forum, organised by the hospital to commemorate World Hypertension Day in Lagos.

Hypertension Day is marked globally every year on May 17, to raise awareness on the disease.

The director noted that hypertension remained one of the commonest non-communicable diseases, especially in Africa.

“Basically, hypertension is when you have an increased pressure by which blood is flowing in the blood vessel and heart.

“In this facility, 45 to 50 per cent of cases seen in our medical clinics are hypertension cases.

“This year’s celebration is truncated by the ravaging COVID -19 pandemic and the high risk the disease poses to people that are hypertensive.

“People with co-morbidity are at high risk of dying if infected with the virus, so they should try as much as possible to stay safe and observe all medical guidelines needed to guide against the virus.”

According to Adebajo, good dietary habit and regular blood pressure checks should be imbibed by hypertensive patients to monitor their health.

“As an ailment that could be genetic, it is imperative for all sufferers to observe constant blood pressure checks for the purpose of monitoring their heart rate.

“Our dietary habits can also increase or aggravate the medical condition, so it is advisable to consult professional dietitians and nutritionists for effective management needed to regulate possible escalation,’’ he said.

A Consultant Cardiologist at the hospital, Dr Akindeji Akinbo, described hypertension as a long-term medical condition that can be genetically induced.

According to Akinbo, 95 per cent of hypertension cases are genetically induced, while secondary hypertension, which is made up of five per cent are from chronic disorder and diseases.

“This indication has forceful persistence of the artery at an elevated rate.

“This could be 95 per cent primary and five per cent secondary but the primary range is concurrently induced by genetic factors.

“It is always advisable for patients to adhere strictly to prescribed dosage of their medications because it is a silent killer, which can also lead to stroke and chronic kidney disease.

On curbing the disease’s prevalence, the cardiologist recommended daily exercises, saying that the body mass index is a determinant ratio for recuperation.

“We must maintain a body weight, with absolute regard of the body mass index through daily grains consumption, nuts intake, lipid free diets, alongside drinking fresh water and regular exercises.

“This will curb 25 per cent rate in sufferers from increasing further even as those living with the disease are being effectively managed.

“The World Health Organisation fact file in 2019 shows that 7.5 million deaths were directly linked to hypertension which account for 12.8 per cent of deaths that occurred that year. (NAN)

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