NGO launches national campaign against rape, gender violence

Mr Ayo Okelana, Chief Executive Officer of Cleannation, while unveiling the campaign plans at a news conference in Osogbo on Sunday, said the rising wave of rape in the country was becoming worrisome.

Okelana said that the campaign would feature other NGOs and gender activists across the country for 14 days .

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He said: “Rape is violence. Rape is barbaric. Rape is wickedness. Rape is forceful taking advantage of the weak.

“We cannot continue to see our girls and women being molested and killed and remain silent.

“Uwa Omozuwa struggled for her live, but we lost her, after she was raped and ripped apart. Edo is still mourning.

“The case of Azeezat Shomuyiwa, a postgraduate student is the lastest in Ibadan and that of Barakat Bello, another student in the same town is still fresh in our mind.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain the cause of this national self-afflicted pain.

“Many opinions have been suggestive of psychosomatic illnesses, psychiatry cases, alcohol, depression, or socio-conomic reasons.

“The available statistics revealed how helpless girls and women are being raped by these senseless people.

“How long shall this oppression last? ”

Okelana, who noted that the campaign would hold between Sunday and June 21, urged Nigerians to be involved in the campaign by following the NGO Twitter handle @cleannation 29.

He said all hands must be on deck to put a stop to the ungodly act of rape in the society. (NAN)

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