We Must Give Our Best To Overcome Challenges”- VP Osinbajo

A Nigeria freed of its past, current challenges and able to engage the future with the best possible tools in human and material capital is within reach. And this is according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who says this is achievable by a strong collaboration between young Nigerians, private and public sector stakeholders.

The Vice President stated at the global virtual launch of Imagine Nigeria, a Federal Government initiative implemented in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, aimed at answering the question, “what it would take to transform Nigeria?”

Vice President Osinbajo added that perhaps one of the silver linings in the dark clouds of COVID-19, was the opportunity it gave to reflect on a future for the nation and the world.

The Vice President spoke on the content of the work done by the Imagine Nigeria project team, noting that the report presented identifies five pillars as the basis for building forward and transformation.
The five pillars of change as stated include Build a Culture of Innovation; Catalyze a Green Economy; Build trust; Facilitate a National Narrative; and Lead Africa.”

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said
the pillars provide some of the big ideas around which dialogues and conversations will develop.

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