The global population has reached Eight (8) billion people .


The United Nations says the population hits the high figure this Tuesday.

The U.N. praised the population growth as mortality levels declined and life expectancy continued to increase.

The global population is projected to reach Nine billion in 2037 and ten billion in 2058.

The U.N. estimates the global population will reach 10.4 billion people in the 2080s, but it will stay at that level through the end of the century.

The two fastest-growing regions in the world are East and Southeast Asia

More than half of the projected increase in the global population up to 2050 will be concentrated in eight countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Countries of sub-Saharan Africa are expected to contribute more than half of the increase anticipated through 2050

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