Nigeria Peace Corps To Attend UN Disaster Risk Reduction Committee Meeting

Reuben Okala


The United Nations has invited Nigeria Peace Corps, to be part of the Disaster Risk Reduction Committee Meeting in Geneva next Monday. Peace Corps National Commandant, Mr. Dickson Akoh at a media briefing in Abuja said Nigeria will use the opportunity to canvass for Global Peace.

The Geneva Conference organized by the United Nations Office for Disaster risk reduction is aimed at coordinating disaster reduction and implementation of the International blueprint for disaster.


Mr. Dickson Akoh
Commandant National Peace Corps of Nigeria











Nigeria’s invitation is sequel to the recent admittance of the Peace corps as a member of the global network of the Civil Society organisations for Disaster reduction.











The Theme of the conference is, “Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disaster”. Nigeria’s sixteen member delegation is expected leave for Geneva Saturday.


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