South African Xenophobic Attacks, A Fallout Of Leadership Crisis In Africa

Secretary General Nigerian Union of Textiles and Garment Workers Comrade Isaa Aremu says the serial Xenophia attacks in South Africa is a fall out of Leadership crisis the African Continent is suffering. Isaa Aremu while speaking with Newsmen in Abuja said the act is unacceptable as it is not in consonance with the funding fathers of modern day Africa. Mr. Aremu said the issue is a wake up call to African Leaders who must rise in defence of their Nationals and create wealth for their people.


  1. Every crisis hides a grand lesson to be deciphered beyond superficial reactive analysis.The xenophobic problem down south is simply a wake up call for africans to unite politically and economically or else they will be at each others throats. Europe realized this few decades ago and it is now united into a peaceful community after many centuries of barbarous internal wars. Africa should not miss the lessons of this crisis
    .Pan africans like late dr kwame nkrumah, even gaddafi realized long ago that the balkanized artificial states of berlin conference 1885 were dangerous to africa.They sought unity but some recalciltrant presidential landlords afraid of losing their powers resisted.Western powers slso schemed against its success.This is the time africans should call off the bluff and take the bulls by the horns.Complacency now will be too dangerous for posterity and it goes without saying for anyone who monitors history


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