US Congressional Delegation Visits Nigeria, Set to Fulfill Commitment To End Insecurity

Fatima Aliyu

Darell Issa

Darrell Edward Issa
Member U.S. House of Representatives

Insecurity and regional terrorism have now become a global phenomenon with over 38 million people displaced around the World. Investigation shows that Nigeria is accounting about 14 million of this figure due to insurgency and communal clashes. The present administration in Nigeria has continue to make concerted efforts through regional and International collaboration to put an end to terrorist activities which has almost cripple socio-economic activities in the North-east Nigeria.   

All is now set for the United States to fulfill its pledges and commitment to collaborate with Nigeria to end insecurity, regional terrorism and promote human rights related issues.This was the thrust of a press briefing held by the U.S Congressional Delegation to Nigeria led by Darrell Edward Issa in Abuja.

The delegates also pledged United States continuous commitment and support to Nigeria  in the area of humanitarian aid, technical and military intelligence.

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