African Union Exhibits Key Achievements in Humanitarian Action at the First World Humanitarian Summit Exhibition In Turkey

The African Union Commission successfully participated in an exhibition at the sidelines of the World Humanitarian Summit, The exhibition highlighted Africa’s challenges and experience in humanitarian action with stories that reinforce the collective spirit of solidarity and collaboration that exist between the African Union (AU), Member States, Regional Economic Communities, women and youth groups, private sector, Civil Society, the Diaspora and African people.

Deputy Chairperson, Dr Aisha Abdulahi with AU Delegates

                                                    Dr Aisha L. Abdullahi with AU Delegates

The Deputy Chairperson, H.E. Erastus Mwencha and H.E. Dr Aisha .L. Abdullahi, Commissioner for Political Affairs official opened the exhibition booth when they visited and received a brief explanation of the Publication, Pictures and videos on display from key AU officials. Among the key documents on display were the Common Africa Position, African’s support for the fight against Ebola, The African Union handbook, and a host of other key documents highlighting the Africa’s Achievements in Humanitarian action and showcasing Africa’s solution for African problems.

Commissioner, Dr Aisha .L. Abdullahi on behalf of the commission welcomed key government officials from Uganda, Liberia and Nigeria, She presented and explained in great detail the documents on display to the delegation with special focus on the Common Africa Position which she explained as “ The Common African Position was adopted by the African union member states after  wide consultations across the continent. Furthermore, Africa is the only region that presents a common position on humanitarian effectiveness and the UN Secretary General and chief humanitarian actors in the world have commended the African union for this great achievement.” She further noted that the United Nations (UN) Secretary General said that the UN will borrow information for the Common African position as it prepares the UN Secretary General’s report on Humanitarian effectiveness in the World.

The Commissioner and her delegation visited the Oxfam exhibition booth that highlighted the plight of Africa’s forgotten crises such the Western Sahara refugee crisis. As she viewed the pictures, the commissioner spoke extensively about the 40 Faces, 40 Years – A Life Time in Exile –  a photo exhibition that was also displayed at the AU headquarters. She said, “The Western Sahara refugees are the most resilient people she had ever come across in the world. They live in the harshest conditions and have been displaced for the last 40 years, but they have hope to reclaim their homeland”. Other issues highlighted in the Oxfam exhibition included the Darfur and Central Africa crises.

Other exhibitions visited included,  The United Nations Population Fund, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), The Humanitarian Advisory Group and the International Committee of the Red Cross among others.

Source: African Union

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    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad 6 years

    The people living in tindouf gulags SW algeria are deprived of all freedoms. Their resignation is due to 40 years of persecution and oppression by algeria militaries and polisario militia. The Western Sahara community sovereign south Morocco is working to free this community. 40 years of sequestration & GENOCIDE are ENOUGH! HELP. Thanks