Nigeria To Partner Poland In its Economic Development Exploits

Nigeria To Partner Poland In its Economic Development Exploits

Nigeria and Poland are working towards developing stronger bilateral ties. Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama Nigeria who recently visited Poland for discussions said he was “extremely impressed ” by the economic development of Poland, a country that came out of communist rule only 28 years ago.

Onyeama noted that Nigeria, an oil Producing and Exporting Nation which has been” hit badly by a drop in Oil prices” is eager to diversify from a mono economy and is looking forward to making Poland one of it’s new Partners.

Addressing a joint press briefing together with his Polish counterpart Witold Waszczykowski, Onyeama said security, military equipment and training, agriculture, manufacturing and energy are areas of possible cooperation with the Central European Country as Poland produces the same products with the same quality as the leading countries on Europe but at much cheaper costs.

“I think there is a lot that we can gain from each other” Onyeama said.
Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister also met with the Polish Ministry of Agriculture Krzysztof Jurgen where discussion centered around mechanised

farming and general industrialization of the Agriculture sector.
A Bi- National Commission is also expected to be established to institutionalise Dialogue between Nigeria and Poland.

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