Saudi Celebrates National Day

Saudi Celebrates National Day

A day to remember, the unification of Saudi Arabia before 1932, it was a sperate region of West, called Hijaz and Central part, the Najid.

The National Day is observed on every September 23rd. The Saudi Ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan hosts guests on the National Day in Abuja. It was attended by the Country’s allies representing different countries.

Heads of agencies and Bureaucrats in Nigeria celebrates with Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria and Saudi Arabia connection embolden daily in their commitment to peace and development.

Saudi Arabia is 89 years of unification provides hope and expectations to Saudi nationals, the Arab, and Islamic world on peace and development.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Federal Republic in Nigeria, my colleagues and I welcome you all to this occasion.

Today, we are celebrating the 89th National Day. This is a day that means a lot to all Saudi citizens, a day of the unification of all the districts of Saudi Arabia, and of nation-building, development and advancement to the present time. With the achievement of Vision 2030, the first objective is for our country to be a successful model and a leader in the world on all platforms.

Distinguished guests, Our brothers, and friends

Your participation is our pride and proof of the excellent relations between my country and your countries. Thank you all for attending.

In this occasion, and on behalf of myself and my colleagues at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, it is my honor to extend the highest and most sublime congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, and to His Royal Highness, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince, and to all Saudi citizens. I wish our country more progress, peace, and security, under the guidance of our leaders.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, a country with a lot of political and economic weight, has deep historical relations with Saudi Arabia since 1960. I can confirm that our two countries have had excellent relations based on friendship and mutual interests.

Our two countries agree on many regional and international affairs, and we have cooperation in all fields. We look forward to improving these relations further, and I wish the Government and people of Nigeria more success, progress, and security under the leadership of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Distinguished Guests

We have done our best to make this hall look like we are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I hope all of us here will have a wonderful time this evening.

Usman Aliyu

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