VP on Climate Change Reports

By Hamza Musa Makarfi

Rainfall is crucial to Nigeria’s agricultural survival, but when it comes with flooding, the consequences are better imagined. In the previous year of 2012, climate change which affected the rainfall pattern in Nigeria left its mark on loss of human lives, infrastructure and the agricultural sector as total combined damage is put at 16.9 Billion Dollars.

In 2013, the annual flood outlook in Nigeria is out and documents made clear and evaluated flood scenario all over the country. Among other responsibilities to mitigate the effects, stakeholders have proposed the promotion of preventive and responsive strategies through multidisciplinary and multicultural approach with emphasis on building capacity.

These are initiatives which the Interministerial Committee on Appreciation of Climate seeks to promote. Vice President Sambo Committee to work around the clock for a final document.

The Vice President said specific responsibilities of States, Local Govt and traditional institutions be clearly spelt out as media, Nigeria’s film industry, NEMA, NIMET, NESREA and other MDA’s are invited to play critical roles.

It will be recalled that President Jonathan directed the setting up of the committee and it’s membership comprise National Planning Minister, Dr. Shamsuddeen as Chairman and Ministers of Aviation, Agriculture, Environment, Water Resources, Health, Works, Science & Technology and others are members.

Their task is to come up with a framework on reviewing climate hazards and reduce losses in all socio-economic areas of the Nation.

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